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Architectural Services

Architects understand the built environment, its interplay with the forces of nature and the people who will eventually inhabit the structure. Engaging an architect early on in the design process is essential to a successful project outcome. The owner benefits from the sound professional advice and judgment of a skilled and knowledgeable architect.

BGA, with more than 40 years of experience, can guide you through the many phases of the analysis, design and construction process. Our knowledge will help to ensure that the project is well defined, that the team of consultants matches the projects needs and that the project is completed on time, within budget and in compliance with local codes.

BGA’s Architectural Services include: Site Evaluation; Programming; Master Planning; Schematic Design; Design Development; Construction Documents and Construction Administration.

We’ve outlined some of the Phases of our Architectural Services to illustrate how you benefit from them.

BGA’s Site Evaluation Services provide you with a thorough analysis of the site and the structure, the issues uncovered and the recommended solutions as summarized in a Due Diligence Report. BGA’s clients have saved both time and money during the Site Analysis process by eliminating locations which have excessive building code, construction and conditions issues.

BGA has a reputation of producing rigorous Contract Documents. What does this mean for you? The Contract Documents drive the entire construction process. They define the project scope including all of the building trades; the phasing of the construction work; the industry standards which the construction work must meet; the safety guidelines & code compliance at the job site; and more. When the Contract Documents are precise, detailed and clear, the team members and the project move forward according to schedule, on time and within budget.

We, at BGA, look forward to applying our knowledge and experience to your next project. Below is a complete list of BGA’s Architectural Services:


A. Site Evaluation

  • Site Analysis
  • Zoning & Building Code Analysis
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Due Diligence Report

B. Programming

  • Research, Interviews
  • Adjacency Studies
  • Area Summaries
  • Feasibility Studies

C. Master Planning

  • Massing Studies
  • Pedestrian/Vehicular Circulation Studies
  • Civil & Landscaping Studies
  • Engineering & Utility Analysis
  • Phasing Studies
  • Design & Construction Schedules
  • Budget Estimates & Projections


A. Schematic Design

  • Field Survey & Documentation
  • Schematic Plans & Elevations
  • Stacking & Massing Studies

B. Design Development

  • Plans & Elevations
  • Site & Landscaping Development
  • Regulatory Authority Research
  • Preliminary Engineering Coordination
  • Architectural Systems Development
  • Outline Specifications
  • Estimate of Probable Cost

C. Construction Documents

  • Architectural Working Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Structural & Civil Engineering Documents
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Documents
  • Fire Protections Systems Documents
  • Site & Landscaping Documents
  • Regulatory Authority Submission & Review

D. Construction Administration

  • Bid Analysis & Negotiations
  • Construction Phasing & Schedule Review
  • Shop Drawings & Submittals Review
  • Payment Requisition Review
  • Site Observation
  • Punch List
  • Substantial Completion Certification
  • Final Payment Certification
  • Regulatory Authority Close Out