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What Our Clients Say

“We’re all proud of what the team has achieved at 601 West 26th Street,” says Marcelo Renzi, SVP Design and Construction at RXR Realty, owner of the 2,300,000-square-foot property. “It took us a long time to get here, but what a change it has made. I want to thank the BGA team for all their hard work and commitment. We could not have been successful without them.”

Marcelo Renzi
SVP, Design and Construction
RXR Realty


“Boddewyn Gaynor Architects (BGA) stepped into the middle of an Apartment Building’s Public Space Refurbishment Project and advanced a preliminary design concept into a successfully completed project. Despite challenging field conditions, BGA remained focused, asked the right questions to solve the problems and developed economically feasible solutions to maintain the design integrity of the original concept.”

Matt Sledz, AIA, ALA
Manager, Construction
ARA, American Realty Advisors


“We have engaged Boddewyn Gaynor Architects for several projects since 2009, including office fit outs, teaching laboratory and classroom space, and lecture halls.

In each case, the firm has undertaken their work with the highest degree of professionalism, design sensitivity, and technical expertise and has been especially responsive to our requirements, including budget and schedule. We’re pleased with their development of creative and relevant architectural solutions, coordination of all aspect of the project, their attention to detail, and consistent follow-through.”

William H. Cunningham, AIA
Campus Architect, Weill Cornell Medical College


“Boddewyn Gaynor’s team was deft in their approach and displayed an aptitude for detail that proved to be the difference in obtaining Landmarks approval to proceed on one of the largest window replacement projects in North America. Further evidence to their success can be attributed to team continuity.”

Stephen Casella
Project Manager, RXR Construction & Development


“BGA brings a no-nonsense approach to designing and building a project. What sets BGA apart is their ability to create cutting-edge design in a budget-focused manner. They have a fundamental understanding of value and never lose sight of the client’s bottom-line.”

Josh Porter
Managing Director, MRH Real Estate


“The MTA Storm Mitigation project demanded outside-the-box thinking. Rarely had something like this been done before in Lower Manhattan. We were forced to be pioneers and Michael Ankuda of BGA had the vision to help us make it happen. Michael’s flexibility and imagination made him a most valuable member of our team…I don’t think we could have done it without him.”

Ms. Yvonne Saavedra Limb
Director of Project Management–NYC MTA Account, Transwestern Commercial Services


“BGA treated our project as if it were the most important thing on their agenda. What’s more, the support team that followed up was professional and highly competent.

What has impressed me most is their understanding of my business, from the moment they first sat down with us.”

David Dukes
President, (IFC Solutions Inc., formerly International Foodcraft Corporation, Inc.)


“The New York City Bar has had an ongoing professional relationship with Alan Gaynor & Company, P.C., currently known as Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, D.P.C., for well over 15 years. During that time, they have performed to our highest expectations on projects that were both large and small in scale. Boddewyn Gaynor has an excellent ability to bring a project from conception of design, to a satisfying solution of our project expectations.”

Robert Huber, CFM
Director of Building Operations, The Association of the Bar of the City of New York


“I have a 16 year relationship with this group and I’m not breaking up with them anytime soon. With each new project I am more and more amazed at the creativity and thought that goes into their work.”

Jody Johnson
M. Booth & Associates


“We were lucky to work with BGA. They took the time to listen to us and to learn about our organization. No detail was too small, and no question went unanswered.

As a result, BGA created an innovative design that filled our office with sunlight and air, while keeping within our modest construction budget.”

Bill Lienhard
Executive Director, Volunteers of Legal Service


“BGA is down-to-earth, with the special ability to shepherd complex projects successfully and seamlessly. We get what we want, the tenants get what they need, and everyone is happy.”

Joanne A. Agoglia,
CBC Alliance


“Boddewyn Gaynor has unerringly understood our work needs, and has incorporated them into a design that beautifully retains and enhances our traditional style and atmosphere.”

Andre Bernard
Vice-President, The John S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation


“The BGA team worked with us on two complete office projects. One during the dot com boom, and one after we, and our industry had matured. In both cases, the design reflected a keen understanding of our company culture, the market in which we operated and our work style. The finished product was a synthesis of design and function and one in which we were comfortable from day one.

Invariably our prospective employees felt that space was cool, and our clients felt that we were savvy and substantive. In one word, perfect.”

Shmuly (Sam) Goldman
Partner, IntraSphere Technologies


“A critical hallmark of the firm’s process is the low-key and supportive manner in which that advice is provided. At the same time, we felt that they were clear on their strong commitment to their design ideas, all of which turned out to be correct for us.”

John Daley
Vice President Administration + Finance, Henry Luce Foundation


“To sum it up, Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, D.P.C. is a team you can trust. They came in with a fantastic can-do attitude and tackled a tough situation with calm professionalism.”

Elka Gruenberg
Linda’s Online


“Good recommendations thru successful projects should always be the basis of utilizing the resources of those who compete for professional services and for that reason, and thru my most recent experience, I would recommend and place Boddewyn Gaynor Architects at the top of the list.”

Niles Miller
Former RXR Senior Project Manager and DASNY PM Retiree


“I have known and used the services of Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, D.P.C., formerly Alan Gaynor & Company, for almost 40 years.

Briefly put: they are creative, competent and easy to work with. The construction drawings for the various projects were amazingly detailed and complete; almost -0- change orders during construction.”

Burton R. Kassell
Pico Alexander


“Over the decades (1985–present) we have developed a trusted relationship with Boddewyn Gaynor and have come to regard the firm as a part of our team. Advantest is a Japanese-based technology company with a 60 year history and recognizable name and reputation in their home country. It was important for us to partner with an architectural firm that understood our aesthetic and our brand, and yet was able to make it relevant and compatible in a new country. Through thoughtful and inspired design, Boddewyn Gaynor interpreted our needs perfectly, elevating our image and receiving accolades from the Japanese executive management for its refinement.”

Amy Gold
Director, Corporate Communications, Advantest America, Inc.