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Our Philosophy

As it always has been, BGA’s design philosophy is based on three fundamental principles.

The first principle: Create inventive and inspired designs that reflect the individual character and persona of each client.   However, BGA strongly believes that a design cannot and should not stand alone. To be truly worthwhile and meaningful, a design must be substantive. Therefore, the second principle: The design must fulfill its purpose beyond aesthetic considerations; it must be fully functional, and it must be efficient.

No less important is the third principle: The design must be totally cognizant of occupancy issues and completely compliant with established building standards. Safety always is foremost on our minds. BGA’s 40+ years of experience and its up-to-date knowledge and understanding of existing building codes results in a streamlined occupancy process, with the assurance that all requirements have been met.

Working under these principles, BGA designs spaces that create an atmosphere in which goals can be achieved. It is for this reason that BGA fully engages itself when undertaking any new project. Our firm’s principals employ a hands-on approach and are involved in each and every project. Our team of professionals makes it a point to understand exactly how a space is to be utilized. By investing the time to understand the process and familiarizing ourselves with the space, BGA is able to create a design that is appealing, efficient and dynamic.

As experienced architects and spatial experts, BGA understands that a carefully designed space translates directly to a client’s bottom line. BGA’s reputation for producing rigorous contract documents is an important factor to our clients because our disciplined approach saves construction dollars up front, and produces longer term savings through an efficient and collaborative workplace.   BGA is ever mindful and respectful of a client’s budget – a fact that has fostered in us a talent for creating unique design solutions.

BGA is passionate about design, passionate about architecture and passionate about serving our clients well. Each member of our senior staff of professionals has a minimum of 25 years of experience, mostly with BGA. For more than 40 years, the firm has operated as a family that is committed to the clients it serves and to the profession it represents.