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Our History

In 1974, Alan Gaynor began building his architectural practice, one client at a time, out of his New York City apartment. He called the new firm Alan Gaynor + Company. A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Mr. Gaynor’s vision was to create inventive and innovative designs, tailored to each client’s individual needs. His progressive thinking and ability to anticipate new trends solidified the company’s reputation as a creative design firm.

Along with his inherent gift for design, Mr. Gaynor possesses a skilled eye for talent. In 1979, a young Pratt Institute graduate named Michele Boddewyn made a strong impression and was hired by Mr. Gaynor as a junior architect. Highly disciplined, detail oriented and with a systematic and meticulous approach to any assignment, Ms. Boddewyn demonstrated her skills as a junior draftsman, involving field surveys, design and production drawings. She quickly rose through the ranks.

A linear thinker, Ms. Boddewyn’s organizational abilities are unsurpassed and her approach to project management is inclusive, comprehensive and thorough. She is an operational expert. In 1993, she became a partner, and in 2010, she assumed the role of president, acquiring a majority interest in the firm. Under her leadership, the firm became a Women’s Business Enterprise. In 2014, the name was changed to Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, d.p.c. (BGA).

BGA’s project experience is expansive, ranging from out-of-the-ground construction, building conversions and renovations, to interior design projects for well-respected corporate, institutional, healthcare, educational, retail and public agency clients. A key strength is its work with landmark buildings and historic preservation.

BGA possesses a wealth of experience, garnered over 40+ years in the Metropolitan New York region. Ms. Boddewyn’s and Mr. Gaynor’s creativity, coupled with their individual, yet complementary approaches to client needs, results in designs that provide the optimal solution for each of their clients. BGA is proud of the work they have designed for their many clients and is equally proud that the vision established for the firm more than 40 years ago continues to be fulfilled today.