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The Weather Channel


We hope you’ve been finding AG+Co’s newsletters engaging, informative and timely over the last several months. In this abbreviated issue, we depart slightly from our normal format to reflect on our business and the industry, as well as to fill you in on some interesting news about three of our valued clients.

During the past seven months, we’ve seen growth in New York City in the improvement of existing properties by commercial landlords. To attract new tenants and extend current leases, many landlords are refurbishing the public areas of their buildings—–foyers, corridors, restrooms, and so on—–and upgrading their buildings’ infrastructures to support more desirable office and retail spaces. This trend has had a healthy effect on our business, naturally.

In our first three newsletters, you’ll recall, we mentioned our work with clients ranging from nonprofits to medical providers, several of them in prestigious landmark buildings. They’ve included interior renovations and exterior upgrades. In each case we’ve added value by creating more appealing settings and environments, by making our clients’ properties more efficient, and by creating superior atmospherics.

Our previous newsletter featured our work at 1790 Broadway, on behalf of Riverside Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine. Congratulations are now due to Riverside, which on May 20th was named one of “New York City’s Top Doctors” by The New York Times Magazine.Riverside is taking occupancy at the 1790 building, soon to be renamed 5 Columbus Circle.

AG+Co’s work there, you may recall, entailed maintaining the integrity of this landmark building while maximizing its interior efficiency. We look forward to toasting Riverside’s health in their new home, certain that the practice will continue to thrive in a dynamic new user-friendly setting that satisfies the needs of their additional patients and staff.

Tokyo-based Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading and largest printing and communications companies, with seven divisional operations that extend to securities and cards, commercial printing, publications printing, packaging, industrial materials, electronics, and business forms. The company recently relocated its North American headquarters from a space it had outgrown to 747 Third Avenue, where it now enjoys a newly designed, more efficient environment designed by AG+Co.

After working for two years with Toppan and its brokers to evaluate and identify the ideal setting for the company, we proceeded to meet its numerous specialized requirements for the interior. Among the unique spaces that Toppan’s high-technology operations depend upon is a sophisticated color-correction booth, for ensuring perfectly faithful and accurate reproduction of colors. To Toppan Printing Co. we extend our thanks for its confidence in AG+Co, our congratulations on their new New York home, and our best wishes for their future.

Headquartered near Atlanta, and with New York sales offices at 205 East 42nd Street, The Weather Channel operates a 24-hour cable television network that reaches more than 100 million US homes. It provides a mix of regional and local weather forecasts, storm alerts, and long-range forecasts, as well as extended coverage of damaging storms and floods. The Weather Channel also operates weather.com.

AG+Co’s ongoing relationship with The Weather Channel began in 2003. Since then, we’ve undertaken a variety of renovations within their New York space as their space requirements grew, that have resulted in substantial improvement in the efficiency of their operations. In addition, by applying our proficiencies in interior design to furnishings and décor, we’ve been able to help enhance the image of the business and support its growth.

In closing, and as always, we would like to thank you for allowing us to be of service. Each of us at AG+Co takes pride and satisfaction in working with you. We value our relationship with you highly, and we look forward to continuing to earn your business and your trust.

With best wishes for the summer,

Michele Boddewyn AIA, LEED A.P.