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Pre-Lease Services

How BGA’s Expertise Benefits Your Business

June 2018

We trust that you enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend! BGA extends our appreciation to the members of our Armed Forces and their Families, remembering their sacrifice for our country.

We are now approaching the half-way mark of 2018! Time does have a way of marching on and BGA leads the parade with new and exciting projects. In this issue of our newsletter, we discuss the Lease Renewal evaluation + decision-making process. A well-known client of ours recently faced just such a prospect. We illustrate the benefits of building a skilled team of architectural professionals and real estate advisors; and we demonstrate how these benefits can contribute directly to the bottom line.

Enjoy this issue! 
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Michele Boddewyn,
Alan Gaynor,


Pre-Lease Services

Third Avenue, New York, NY


Unquestionably, Architects are known for their creative design and technical solutions. Our Pre-Design Services, while less known, provide support to our clients during the Leasing process.

In preparation for a lease expiration, our client engaged BGA, together with a team of Real Estate advisors from CBRE, to prepare an analysis of their current needs and assist them in evaluating potential new locations. Under consideration were a number of new midtown properties, as well as their existing Third Avenue location, where this well-known client occupies a total of 42,000 SF.

Following our methodical approach to the Pre-Lease Services process, BGA developed a Program Report summarizing the minimum square footage requirements going forward, based on the current and projected headcounts by department plus the Support space.   This report also included a list of upgrades at the current offices, following 10 years of occupancy.

Going out into the midtown NYC market, the CBRE team identified a number of alternative locations, and BGA assessed the pros and cons regarding layout and fit, building services and amenities, and general building and landlord reputation.We discussed lease issues that could impact the Architectural & MEP Engineering design of the space. This provided critical information to the tenant to assess the locations under consideration. BGA’s familiarity with Landlord Workletters and knowledge of construction-related leasing matters enhance the Tenant’s ability to build a realistic budget and negotiate an equitable lease. 

Concurrent with our analysis of the alternative locations, BGA also evaluated the client’s existing facility. We recommended modifications to meet their current and future needs and assisted with securing contractor bids.

Ultimately, our client opted to renew their lease at the Third Avenue property and to implement a phased renovation of their existing space.   BGA developed sketches, then a set of Contract Bid drawings that addressed specific architectural changes to the offices.

This work included the creation of additional Meeting Rooms, the relocation of the Mailroom, and the refurbishment of the Reception, (3) Pantries, the Lunchroom and the Core Toilets as well as new Paint and Carpet selections. We developed Furniture layout alternatives for the Meeting Rooms and coordinated new purchases with the Furniture Dealer, based on the Staff relocation plans.

BGA’s relationship with our client is a prime example of the benefits that accrue to a firm when a skilled and experienced architect is engaged early on in the real estate evaluation process.
As spatial experts, together with our knowledge of various buildings, our expertise with building codes, regulations and Landlord Workletters, BGA is a source of knowledge that can enhance not only a client’s space, but its bottom line, as well.
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Michael Esposito
Senior Project Manager

BGA’s Mike Esposito spearheaded this challenging project, in which our client needed help determining whether or not their current space would, with modifications and updates, meet their current and future needs, or if a move to a new location was advisable.

Mike surveyed the client’s current space and produced a Program Report of the existing conditions, covering 42,000 SF on their (2) floor occupancy. For future planning purposes, minimum square footage requirements were established and a list of upgrades at the current offices was compiled.
Mike’s methodical approach and his project management skills gave our client the confidence and tools they needed to make an informed  decision. They opted to remain at the existing location and renovate.

In addition to being an experienced Project Manager, Mike is a talented artist. He translates a client’s ideas, as well as his own concepts for a space, into colorful sketches which help team members visualize the outcome. 

For this project, Mike’s sketches were incorporated, along with finish selections, lighting and furniture modifications, into a set of drawings that addressed specific architectural changes to the Reception, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Restrooms, Pantries, the Lunch Room and the Mailroom. Finish updates such as painting and carpeting and the selection of new furniture completed the transformation of the space. During the Construction Phase, Mike interfaced with the Client and the Tenant’s contractor.

Mike’s project management skills, his methodical approach and his creativity were instrumental in helping our client achieve their project goals.

120 Broadway, Suite 3654
New York, NY 10271

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“An ‘open mind’ is a key ingredient in the analysis
of lease options – whether
to renovate, find pre-built space or build from scratch.   The creative input of architects at the outset is crucial to
arriving at the optimal solution.  And in some instances, the best move
is not to move at all, as our 

featured Client discovered!”
Michele Boddewyn, A.I.A., President
Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, d.p.c.
      WBE / DBE Certified
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