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Celebrating 40 years

Celebrating 40 Years and a New Website!
May 2016


BGA is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website


It seems that the gods aligned so that our New Website launch coincided with our 40th Anniversary Celebration.  What better way to reflect on our history, while, at the same time, looking forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead?  We invite you to visit our new website and enjoy your journey as you experience the innovative solutions that we have created for our clients.
For this newsletter in celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we have selected one project from each of the past four decades that exemplifies our creativity, our ingenuity and, importantly, our respect for client budgets.  

There’s a familiar saying…”Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”.  That couldn’t be truer for BGA!


And, of course, be sure to visit our new website!


Michele Boddewyn,
Alan Gaynor,

Dennis’ Natural Mini-Meals, 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Dennis image
One of the exciting and thrilling aspects of architectural work is the ability to envision “something that isn’t there”, and to see “something that could be”. That’s precisely what BGA accomplished when we completely transformed the look and feel of a former music store into a dramatic and inviting restaurant space.
BGA’s design for this 3,000 SF space in Manhattan’s Flatiron district reinforces the “healthy and all natural, preservative-free food” trend during this time. We created Overhead canopies of forest green canvas, stretched over custom-designed, pre-fabricated metal frames. The canopies, which are bolted to the walls and columns, give the restaurant patrons a sense of scale, while separating the seating areas and filling the volume of the loft space. The use of oversize, pendant paper lanterns, which contrast against the dark, overhead canopies, provide sculptural elements and supplement the accent lighting.
Ever mindful of spatial use, both by customers and employees, BGA’s design includes full Kitchen and Food Prep counters to accommodate stoves, grills, yogurt machines, juicers, popcorn machines, as well as dishwashing and refrigeration equipment. The custom-designed Overhead Menu Board at the Point of Sale reinforces the metal canopy design. The dramatic use of wainscot tile in conjunction with the dark quarry tile floor, ensures durable, easy-to-clean surfaces and reinforces the natural foods color scheme.
A former music store, an Architectural Vision, a unique, compelling Transformative Design.

Smith New Court, 114 West 47th Street, New York, NY
Smith New Court image
Technology continues to impact every facet of our lives.  For Smith New Court, one of London’s largest securities trading firms, BGA’s work on their 50,000 S.F. midtown New York City headquarters, in the top (2) Tower floors of the U.S. Trust Building, captures the essence of this client’s needs and BGA’s skill in innovative, timeless design.
Smith New Court’s key objective was for a unique and distinctive reception area with a “Wow” factor.   BGA, ever client-focused and respectful of client needs and budgets, created a bold, dramatic geometric design for the lobby that continues to captivate.
BGA’s design for the trading room layout features raised flooring and multiple levels, sight line considerations and an extensive communications infrastructure. We also designed custom trading desks to accommodate up to (5) monitors, plus multiple keyboards and controls.
The demands of the trading desk are well-known and are certainly understood by BGA. We integrated details at these desks to give the individual traders options for ergonomic adjustments, plus ease of access to swap out the monitors for servicing by the IT staff.
While technology moves all of us forward, BGA continues to be visionary, anticipating and fulfilling client needs.

watersdesign, 22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY

The dotcom period witnessed the rapid rise of boutique firms that sought to capitalize on the pervasive use of the internet. Not surprisingly, the Open-Plan Layout emerged and held great appeal, leading to improved communications and collaboration, as well as enhanced workflow.
BGA anticipated the needs of watersdesign, a multi-disciplinary communications and design firm, creating a 12,500 S.F., full-floor layout for their rapidly expanding Studio. Our design features an open-plan layout without offices. We punctuated the space with a number of meeting rooms to allow for conference calls and acoustical privacy.
To increase the perception of ceiling height, BGA created a saw-tooth suspended acoustical ceiling with concealed indirect lighting. This unique design employs a series of angled planes at the enclosed rooms to reinforce the ‘wave’ motif of the ceiling. The use of a broad palette of colors emphasizes the layers and planes of the office and places visual emphasis on the column wind-bracing elements.
BGA was prescient and identified the need for open space, before it became in vogue, giving its clients a head-start on efficient space planning.

The Halsted Condominium Apartments, 100 Halsted Avenue,

East Orange, NJ

Much has happened on the architectural front during the years spanning 2006-2015.  The demand for residential housing increased and the need for brick and mortar facilities waned. Change represents opportunity.  BGA stepped up to the plate for a series of urban renewal projects in East Orange, NJ, where we designed the conversion of a 5-storey commercial Office Building and two 4-storey office buildings into multi-family Residential use.
The Halsted project entailed 78,175 S.F. of demolition and new construction work to make way for the creation of (58) 1 and 2 Bedroom Condominium Units, all of which are adaptable for Handicap Access. To encourage a sense of community, BGA’s design includes Tenant Amenity spaces, such as a full Gym and a Community Room, where residents can gather. A Rooftop Deck and Garden further enhance the warm and welcoming feel of the residence. BGA’s design for Windows and a New Stair Tower allows for improved and increased daylight to meet the greater requirements for residential use. This technique complements the building’s original panelized construction. The site design work involved the creation of Parking Spaces, additional Lighting requirements and Landscaping.
The architectural profession traces to Ancient Greece. It’s fitting, therefore, that one of its philosophers, Heraclitus (Ephesus, Ionia, Greece; 0535 BCE – 0475 BCE) is quoted as saying, ‘The Only Thing That Is
Constant Is
Change‘. BGA delights in the ‘Constant Change’ that abounds and we respond to that change with unique and inventive design solutions that reflect each client’s needs. It’s what drives us.
120 Broadway, Suite 3654
New York, NY 10271

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Boddewyn Gaynor Architects understands that your needs evolve steadily, and we make certain we can adapt to them. By continually educating ourselves about the latest trends and changes, we can hit the ground running to integrate new, value-added features to our work and to your spaces. We’re continually finding fresh
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At all times, we keep your objectives, budgets and timelines uppermost in our minds.

“I have known and used the services of Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, D.P.C., formerly Alan Gaynor & Company
for almost 40 years
Briefly put: they are creative, competent and easy to work with. The construction drawings for the various projects were amazingly detailed and complete; almost -0- change orders during construction.”


Burton R. Kassell 
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