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Lionsgate/Starz NYC Offices

All the “Starz” Aligned

March 2018

With 2018 underway, BGA extends our wishes to each of you for a successful and prosperous year. We are grateful for the established relationships we have enjoyed with many of you, and we are thrilled to welcome new clients into the BGA family.

In this issue, we highlight our work with RXR Realty, a long-standing client, and Lionsgate/Starz, one of their prime tenants. For this project, all the “Starz” indeed aligned. BGA, again, demonstrated its collaborative skills. We brought together numerous project participants and designed a space that fulfilled both the Tenant’s and the Landlord’s needs, within an aggressive timetable.


Enjoy this issue! 

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Alan Gaynor, AIA


530 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Lionsgate, the studio behind “La La Land” and “The Hunger Games” movie franchise, recently acquired Starz, the premium cable channel, which features popular shows like “Outlander”. The acquisition significantly expanded the programming content for Lionsgate.

With growth comes challenge. As the firm’s business expanded, its New York Office needed additional space, and Lionsgate/Starz preferred to remain at its prime Fifth Avenue location. RXR Realty Corporation, the building owner, offered them a full floor space of 34,000 SF and Lionsgate/Starz gladly accepted the offer.

The layout was developed by Lionsgate’s California-based architectural firm.  RXR selected Boddewyn Gaynor Architects (BGA) based on our prior collaborations at numerous RXR properties. BGA was tasked with marrying Lionsgate/Starz’s layout requirements with RXR’s new building & design standards. 
BGA refined the Schematic Layout and produced the Contract Documents for the project.   We also provided Construction Administration services for the fast-track project with an aggressive summer occupancy.  

Lionsgate/Starz’s vision for the new space was to create a sense of openness and collaboration. To fulfill that vision, all offices were designed with glass fronts to share daylight with the open work areas, thus reinforcing a sense of togetherness. 

Throughout the space, a selection of deep charcoal finishes contrasted with the bright, sleek, white walls, to evoke a futuristic feel and create a sense of excitement and vibrancy.

Lionsgate/Starz selected an exposed slab ceiling concept in the open work areas and corridors, to increase the sense of height. The design challenge of the exposed infrastructure was to produce a harmonious and integrated look for these mechanical systems, i.e., sprinkler, cabling, ductwork and the electrical conduit layouts. BGA worked closely with AKF Engineers to implement a clean and attractive MEP layout, particularly in those open work areas. The end result…a smooth, streamlined appearance.

For a dramatic lighting effect in the Pantry & Breakout space, BGA coordinated the use of various-sized, mirror-finish pendant light fixtures, which interjected a sense of playfulness against the exposed slab ceiling.

A “Wall of Fame” outside the Senior Executive’s office, showcases images of the (2) firms’ recent Movie and TV productions.

At our core, BGA is a solutions-oriented firm, serving the best interests of our clients and their tenants; as we have done in this RXR/Lionsgate/Starz collaboration.

The challenges that we face spark our creativity and inspire us to develop designs that fulfill each client’s unique needs. Our reputation for precision in our Contract Documents is a hallmark of the way we do business. BGA’s attention to detail contributes directly to our clients’ bottom line. 

With these principles in mind, BGA designs spaces that foster achievement. We employ a hands-on approach and we, as principals, are involved in each and every project. Our team of professionals makes it a point to understand exactly how a space will be utilized. By investing the time to understand the end users’ needs and by familiarizing ourselves with the space, BGA creates a design that is appealing, efficient and dynamic.

BGA is committed to the clients it serves and to the profession that it represents.

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Cassandra McGowen, R.A.

Project Manager


Cassandra’s expertise in corporate interiors with special attention to the successful detailing of interior buildouts and finishes, plus the engineering coordination of open slab ceilings, was a key element to the successful execution of the Lionsgate/Starz space.  Cassandra’s ultimate goal for every project is client satisfaction.

Known for her attention to detail, Cassandra is an active listener.  She probes to assess client requirements and then transforms each client’s unique needs into a distinctive, creative and practical solution.

For this project, Lionsgate/Starz wanted to create a sense of openness, cohesion and a collaborative work space.  Cassandra’s adept handling of the field conditions is evidenced in the metal and glass store front work at the offices, which reinforces the sense of togetherness and harmony.  For the finishes, she implemented RXR’s new building standards, which include bright white spaces with bold charcoal finishes.  The end result…a crisp, dynamic office interior.

Cassandra is a multi-faceted architect.  Her background includes corporate interiors, educational facilities and the refresh of amenity spaces in commercial and multi-family properties. Throughout her years with BGA, she has served her clients with true dedication – in programming and site selection, in design development, in the preparation of construction documents and during the construction administration phase.

Cassandra’s expertise in project management results in a clear understanding of project goals and provides the team with the opportunity to address the issues and evaluate the options. Cassandra’s superb skills are the reason why she enjoys a reputation for making things happen on time and on budget.

120 Broadway, Suite 3654
New York, NY 10271

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 Lionsgate/Starz is
the latest in a variety
of projects that we have completed for RXR Realty in Class A properties.  From midtown to the landmarked Starrett Lehigh building,
we support everything from the tenant to the building infrastructure upgrade projects for RXR Realty. It is indeed a pleasure to partner with this premier Real Estate firm”.


Michele Boddewyn, A.I.A., President,
Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, d.p.c.

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